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Cervia is a town in the province of Ravenna in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. The town has ancient origins, most likely going back to Etruscan times and has maintained a position of importance throughout the years. Today, one of its districts, Milano Marittima, has become a world-renowned tourist destination of some luxury; in fact, many of the world’s elite are known to flock to the area’s beaches. Another district that has become popular is Pinarella; here, a lovely pine forest lines the beach and many fitness pathways have been developed. If you’d like to take in some sightseeing over the weekend, Cervia won’t disappoint; the town is known for its many churches.There is the Cathedral, built at the end of the 17th century, the Santuario della Madonna del Pino, constructed in the 15th century, and the Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo, built in the 1600s over an ancient church that existed already in the 12th century. Finally, visit the Pieve di Santo Stefano, the oldest church in Cervia, dating to before the 10th century. Thanks to the popularity of Cervia, hotels here will be easy to locate; the hotels in Cervia offer a wide selection of services and amenities, so you’re sure of finding something that suits your tastes. Check out for your accommodation needs, especially if you’re looking to dig up the discount hotels Cervia offers; if not directly in Cervia, cheap hotels can be found in one of the adjacent towns.