Hotels in Lugo

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Lugo Details

Lugo hotels offer a prime place to stay for travelers to see the city’s famous cathedral, with its mixed Romanesque, neoclassical, Gothic, and Baroque style. In Lugo, there are many remains of Rome’s former dominance of the city, including the Porta de Carme (or Porta Minha), the best-preserved of the old Roman gates. Also worth visiting are the remains of the Roman wall and the Roman baths, making it a prime place to do some sightseeing over the weekend. Lugo is not only a site for viewing the remnants of Rome’s heyday, but is also home to a fine collection of timepieces in its Museo Provincial, located near the not-to-be-missed Praza Maior. The City Hall in Lugo likewise attracts interested visitors throughout the year.Guests staying at hotels in Lugo often choose to dine at Mesón de Alberto, or to visit its attached bar or winery. This pleasant restaurant serves as a good spot to relax at the end of a day of seeing the sights. lessens the hassles for travelers seeking discount hotels. Lugo provides the perfect stopping point for visitors who want to see its Palacio Episcopal, or the hilltop Viladonga, with the Celtic ruins housed there. The church in Vilar de Donas is another must-see for visitors to Lugo. Cheap hotels in town make seeing all these sites a real breeze for budget travelers.