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For a lavish weekend, Ravenna is nothing but a fine interlude with splendid Byzantine art. One such attraction is the Teatro Alighieri which has an intricate Baroque-style craft auditorium. More to art appreciation is a visit at Chiesa Braccioforte/San Francesco where you can see remains of the Roman and Byzantine relics. A lot of tourists are convinced that the place is a living mosaic. Another important attraction of Ravenna is the Basilica of San Vitale. The church is listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO due to its depiction of Byzantine art. Before packing for your much awaited vacation, you can find easy ways to get the list of Ravenna hotels by simply checking out The site aims to provide you the satisfaction and comfort of getting spots at heavily flocked discount hotels Ravenna has to offer. Ravenna cheap hotels can be a good choice if you are budget constrained. When you need for fine excursions and lavish receptions, you can rely on fine hotels in Ravenna for that much awaited rendezvous with a tasteful era of fine relaxation en classe.