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Cittanova is an Italian municipality in the Reggio Calabria region. Cittanova means “new city”, and this name was given to the city in 1618 because of the utter destruction an earthquake caused to it in 1618. The town has two sections, one that was constructed after the first earthquake, and one that was built after the earthquake of 1783. There are many interesting churches to visit. You will enjoy the history as well as the architecture of these structures. The Chiesa del Rosario, Chiesa Matrice, Chiesa dei Santi Cosma e Damiano, Chiesa della Madonna della Catena, and the Chiesa di San Giuseppe all have different styles, as well as art objects and statues. A fountain known as dell'Olmo is in the public gardens of Cittanova after it came through the earthquake of 1783 unscathed.The Civil Museum of Natural History is a new structure, built in 1996, is a very popular attraction. The olive groves in Cittanova play a large role in the economy. Both olives and olive oil are used both in Cittanova, and in other parts of Italy. Dining in Cittanova means good food, good wine, and and good time had by all. When you stay in a Cittanova hotel, you can count on a comfortable and peaceful stay. Your hotel is your home away from home, and you can get this as well as a budget hotel room when you let take care of the details for you.