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Reggio Calabria is both the largest and the oldest city in the region called Calabria. Around 180,000 people live in the city, which seems more rural than city! At over 2,700 years old, Villanova di Bagnacavallo is a thriving city which has an economic base that is mainly agricultural. It is a port city, and tobacco and various fruits are exported on a regular basis. Fishing is also popular as a way to make a living. Tourists love Reggio Calabria, as it seems that there is always some sort of activity going on here.The beaches in Reggio Calabria are quite the drawing card, for residents and tourists alike. The center of the city is quite historic, as many of the buildings date back to the Greek and Roman periods. Earthquakes destroyed much of Reggio Calabria not just once, but over and over again as the years went by, so the architecture is indicative of that. As a seaside city, you can expect the freshest seafood dishes at Reggio Calabria restaurants. Plan your trip in advance with; it's a great way to save money on your accommodations in Reggio Calabria and other locations in Italy.