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Reggio Emilia is a very interesting town if you who want to visit ancient sights that were established under great influence of history. Over the weekend, Reggio Emilia is visited by tons of visitors especially in the old spots like the Basilica di San Prospero. This religious place has been around for ten centuries now. The lovely belfry on its tower is one breathtaking structure that attracts throngs of tourists. The Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo is a restored structure that exhibits beautifully designed façade, showcasing the crests of early Captains and communities. Many visitors come to witness other exciting features of old structures including the Brothel’s tower that was built in 1489. This amazing tower serves as a museum of the Reggiani’s deeds until late 1800’s.Every week, Reggio Emilia hotels get loaded with ever-curious travelers. Most hotels in Reggio Emilia are equipped with complete amenities for your satisfaction. There are lots of discount hotels Reggio Emilia has to offer listed at where you can book your vacation. For the smart travelers, Reggio Emilia cheap hotels always offer affordable but great services.