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Rubiera has been a known city since the year 915. It is now known for being the home of the famous red wine Lambrusco as well as one of the most delicious and popular cheeses in the world, Parmiggiano Reggiano. It is also the home to a fascinating transportation museum called Galleria Ferrari that the car buffs won't want to leave Italy without seeing. There is also a Galleria Lamborgini in the area. Visit some or several of the beautiful vineyards in the area, and be sure to sample some of the fine wine made in Ruberia!Take a short walk on the historic Via Emilia if you can. This is an ancient Roman road which connects the Adriatic coast to the Po River. Shoppers will be happy with the array of shops and services local to Rubiera. When you get hungry, you will have plenty of choices, from pizza on the go to a sit-down dinner of local and International flavors. And, for a worry free arrival in Ruberia, plan as much of your trip in advance as possible. You can book your hotel accommodations quickly with - we allow you to find a room to suit you at a discounted price you will love.