Hotels in Sant'Ilario d'Enza

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Sant'Ilario d'Enza Details

Sant Ilario dEnza in the middle of Reggio Emilia Province is a lively town in northern Italys Emilia-Romagna Region. The town can be found next to the Enza River in Parma Province. Many events are held here including the Baracca é Burattini theatre festival, an arts festival called Pittori Al Parco San Rocco, the Grain Festival, which features plenty of cheese cooking, a display of vintage grain processing equipment, games, music, live performances and more. A cinema and music festival is held on the weekend in the Piazza Prampolini, an art exhibition featuring sculptures, paintings and drawings, as well as Pablo Picassos lithography and the Mudus Languages of Identity and Difference, a festival featuring jazz, dance, ethnic music and theatre performances are held throughout the town. Sant Ilario dEnza also offers a number of five star and cheaper discount hotels. To find out more about Sant Ilario dEnza hotels go to In a number towns near Sant Ilario dEnza there are palaces, theatres, festivals and historical buildings for tourists to enjoy. In Bagnolos Piazza Garibaldi there is a Civic Museum inside of the San Francesco Palace, which features Roman mosaics and a collection of archaeological finds. This town also has the Chierici Museum, Industrial Rosa Museum and Terrama Santa Rosa Museum. Golfers will love the Reggio Emilia Province because it has four golf courses.