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    Apulia or Puglia is the heel on the boot of Italy. It lies between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. It is, therefore, full of bustling seaports. Yet, the landscape dictates these ports are surrounded or at the foot of rugged, wind-eroded cliffs. These you can all see when you book hotels in Apulia through For a week or a weekend, Apulia provides visitors to Apulia hotels with sea, sand and old craggy mountains.Staying at Apulia cheap hotels may allow you to extend your stay as would registering in discount hotels. Apulia opens up to visitors its cathedrals and castles as well as its bustling ports with their cone-roofed trulli structures. Enjoy a feast of lamb and kid with bread and pasta. Climb up the cliffs to visit the Gargano Promontory, rising behind Bari on the limestone hills. Wander the plains, flat and austere. These are all characteristic of Apulia, once an ancient Roman province, now an Italian province with a slight Middle-Eastern feeling.