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    Where Mount Vesuvius resides, you can find the region of Campania. This is where visitors to Cambria hotels go to explore the ruined remains of Pompeii. Book ahead with to find hotels in Campania, even Campania cheap hotels and visit the sunken city at Baia and the ruins of Cumae. Consider your pocketbook and lengthen your stay with discount hotels. Campania can then open up to you its sights. These range from the catacombs and aqueducts of Naples to the hot springs at Ischia.There is a lot to see and do in this region. Spend a week or a weekend, Campania, with its Lake Avernus, Campi Flegri, Bay of Naples and ruins at Herculaneum, offers much to a visitor. The region can overwhelm a tourist with its legendary sites and sights. The locals tell tales of Homer, Ulysses and Vergil. The coastal mountains and shorelines are homes to mermaids and sirens. Campania offers legendary hospitality, ancient ruins and a stunning landscape.