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The Costiera Adriatica features sand and pebble beaches, peninsulas, beautiful parks, white cliffs and abandoned monasteries. People come to stay in hotels in the Costiera Adriatica region to bathe in the sun, to visit the Mljet National Park, to island hop and to see the architectural and archeological sights. On the Costiera Adriatica, you can find plenty of things to see and do. You can leave Costiera Adriatica hotels ad take a ferry to Lokrum Island or visit the coastal city of Dubrovnik. It will take more than a weekend. The Costiera Adriatica cannot be dismissed in a day or two.Consider the cost before you come. Check out for ideas on remaining within your budget. Consider Costiera Adriatica cheap hotels or discount hotels. The Costiera Adriatica can be expensive in season. With the extra money you save, you can explore the Maritime Museum at Dubrovnik, the 12th century Benedictine Monastery on an island in Mljet National Park and the coastal harbors and beaches of Lopad Island.