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In Northern Italy, where the lines between Austrian and Italian cultures begin to blur, you find the region known as the Dolomites – once coral reefs, now mountains. This is an area where visitors leave Dolomites hotels to walk and climb in summer or ski in winter. You can stay in expensive hotels in the Dolomites as part of popular ski resorts or find discount hotels. The Dolomites afford great biking areas and hiking country for those who can only afford to stay in Dolomites cheap hotels. In fact, the walking/hiking/trekking season lasts from the end of the month of June to the end of September. Amongst this mix, you can also find the mountain climbers. For a weekend, the Dolomites can accommodate them and their different goals. can see you are booked in the right time and right place.For those who are interested in more than climbing or hiking, there are half-day trips to visit the cultural offerings. There are open-air museums and forts. The Dolomites is also home to the birthplace of the great painter Titian.