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    The highest peak o the island of Sicily is Mount Etna. Etna is also the region in an around the still active volcano. As travelers staying in Etna hotels can testify, the volcano dominates the landscape. It glowers over the coastline between Taormina and Catania. Many of the visitors to hotels in Etna sample the Etna wine made from grapes growing on the fertile lower slopes. These slopes, easily accessible through and Etna cheap hotels, also grow orange, lemon, olive and mandarin trees. You can glimpse from discount hotels, Etna forests of beech, chestnut, birch and pine trees. It is the higher slopes that reveal the impact of the lava pouring from the mouth of the volcano since its first recorded eruption in 1500 B.C.The legends of Etna include the ancient gods, Typhon and Vulcan. Stay a weekend, Etna offers tours of the volcano and its area. Take day trips to the craters or the Valle de Bove. You can see the snow on the south face or explore the northeast face used for skiing. Either side offers excellent views of the region.