Hotels in Lake Como

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      Lake Como is an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy life. By spending even a weekend, Lake Como can show you historical gothic architecture in the form of a majestic cathedral. Similarly, the church of San Abbondio presents another example of religious architecture. Visit its cloisters and behold the physical manifestation of faith. Lake Como hotels bring you to this perfect lake and its many attractions. Tempio Voltiano, which boasts mosaic floors and marble columns, is a necessary stop when you leave hotels in Lake Como. If you enjoy wildlife then step outside any of Lake Como cheap hotels and travel to Villa dell’Olmo with its verdant gardens and park. With many discount hotels, Lake Como gives you the special gift of access to Villa Carlotta with its stuccos, frescoes, and classic art as well as more of the lush plant life that turns a place into paradise. Go to for more information.