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Lake Iseo gives travelers the ideal weekend. Lake Iseo and Lake Iseo hotels open up the world of the Natural Reserve of the Pyramids of Zone. Formed by glacial activity, this unique sight consists of a collection of pillars that are a must see when you stay at any of the hotels in Lake Iseo. Another stop when staying in discount hotels, Lake Iseo travelers can go to the city of Sarnico which is known for its churches - some of which contain detailed frescoes. Lake Iseo cheap hotels lead you to the Bellini Gallery which displays pieces of art that are centuries old. Lovere, another city in this region, has churches dating back to the twelfth century waiting to be discovered for their architecture inspired as much by faith as by the influences of the time period. Another sight to see in Lovere is the School of Fine Arts which houses numerous works of art of different styles including paintings and sculptures. Go to for more information.