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    Maremma is located in Tuscany, Italy. Visitors often stay for a week or a weekend. Maremma is also a part of the Lazio region of Italy. Maremma hotels offer guests pleasant accommodations that will provide them with a comfortable stay. There are many hotels in Maremma. If you want to travel as inexpensively as possible, there are Maremma cheap hotels that you can find. Choose from a wide array of discount hotels Maremma offers found through consists of five main parts that tourists will love to see. The Grosseto is the capital of Maremma. The Alta Maremma is known for hilltop villages that are very beautiful. The Colline Metallifere are hills that are filled with mines and abundant in minerals like zinc, copper and lead among other minerals. A few other very popular parts of the Maremma region to visitors are the Tuscan Maremma Sea, the coast and the beaches.