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      If you can imagine landing in the most beautiful place on earth and breathing in the refreshing scent of lemon groves, you really should consider taking your next vacation the Sorrentine Peninsula region of Italy. Hiking in this area is a pure delight for the senses. It doesn't matter if you stay for a week or only the weekend, Sorrentine Peninsula is an amazing place to experience the Italian countryside. The hotels in Sorrentine Peninsula are well equipped to provide for all of your needs. Many visitors take advantage of the discount hotels Sorrentine Peninsula has to offer. The Sorrentine Peninsula cheap hotels are as lovely as the more expensive versions.You absolutely have to experience a walk through this area. With its rich vineyards, quaint villages, and typical rural charm, it's an experience you won't forget. The Sorrentine Peninsula hotels are the best places to ask about where the best attractions are located and how to get to them.