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          There is a lot to see and do in Venetia (Venice). You can leave hotels in Venetia to sail by gondola up the Grand Canal. You can also visit any of the 11 museums. Visitors leave their Venetia hotels to stare at the 15 art imbued churches known as the Chorus Churches. Indeed, the sites and sights of Venetia require more than a weekend. Venetia can easily occupy a week on its own without consideration given to the so-called Venetian Arc. If you want to stay, however, be sure to check with for Venetia cheap hotels and discount hotels. Venetia is expensive.The area around Venetia is also a tourist must-see. How can you ignore the chance to see Giotto’s frescoes in the Capella degli Scrovegni in Paddua or the Villa Barbaro (palladio architect) in Moser. You can wander the cafes of Trieste or the wine roads of Trevisio. Vicenza is truly an art city showing the heavy influence in its architecture by Palladio. Brenta has its own canal and Verona has the Castelvecchio (Old Castle) as well as the Arena di Verona.