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The province of Rieti is located in the central Italian region of Lazio. It is a mountainous province and contains a great number of natural parks and protected areas. For example, there is the Monti Lucretili Regional Natural Park, which conserves many uncontaminated patches of forest; within the park, you may see traces of the Apennine wolf and the Italian brown bear. The capital city of the province, also called Rieti, has historically been considered the geographical center of Italy, though this is not technically accurate. Tourists are attracted to the capital and the area surrounding it for its picturesque historical center, its Franciscan sanctuaries, the ski resort on Mount Terminillo and the two lakes nearby, Turano and Salto. Head to the smaller towns of the province, like Selci; attractions here include the characteristic historical center and local customs, complete with delicious local dishes. If youd like something interesting to do while in Lazio for a weekend, Rieti is a good place to check out.