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The city of Rimini is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Italy. Every weekend, Rimini is flocked by visitors all over France and other European countries because of the remarkable coastline spanning at least 32 kilometers. Getting there from other European countries is a breeze as it is home to the Rimini-San Marino International Airport. Entering the city, you will immediately be greeted by the oldest structure in the city, the Augustus Arch. The arch was built in 27BC and proudly stands until today. Another remarkable place to visit is the Cathedral sometimes called the Malatesta Temple. This 13th century cathedral may look rather simple outside, but take a peek inside of the cathedral and you will be greeted with an intricate design of the structure.The hotels in Rimini are spread all over the city, ensuring the visitors of a view of different parts of the city. Rimini hotels can also be found in the coastlines of Rimini and you’ll enjoy a great time on the beach especially in the summer. It’s suggested you take a travel package of Rimini. Cheap hotels are included in these travel packages and it’s competitive and beautiful like most of the discount hotels. Rimini and its available hotels can be reserved online here at