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Ardea is a very old town, so old it was actually mentioned in the Aenid! As far back as 509 BC, Ardea was a proud ally of the Romans. But, in the year 443 BC, Ardea was under siege by the Volscians. Roman troops soon came to the rescue of Ardea. The town would not give any sort of military support to Rome during the Second Punic war. When the Romans won this was, Ardea was stripped of its ability to self govern itself. The city went down until the 9th century, when it finally began to grow again. Finally, in 1970, it became an independent municipality. There are quite a few remains left of the old city that was, and most visitors to Ardea make it a point to see them.There are remains of old Ardea scattered here and there throughout the town. Archaeologists were able to unearth four separate temples, but no identification could be located on any of them. An ancient embankment from the 7th century, used for defense was discovered. You'll want to visit the church of Santa Marina, the church of San Pietro Apostolo. What was once a watchtower is now a belltower. You can see the frescoes from the 15th century, and a wooden cross from the 16th century. Sightseeing can make a person very hungry, so once you have finished exploring, you will appreciate the many restaurants that Ardea is dotted with. Be sure to use to get your hotel accommodations in Ardea at a discount!