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When you plan your stay at Ariccia hotels, youll be in for a number of treats, not the least of which is the opportunity to visit the area vineyards and taste the excellent regional wines. Hotels in Ariccia are also convenient for a sightseeing weekend. Ariccia is near the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani and is located in the Alban Hills, which are interesting to explore. The Palazzo Savelli Chigi and the Fontana delle Tre Cannelle are also a lot of fun to visit. When it comes to discount hotels, Ariccia is full of locations to accommodate your needs. Stay in any one of the Ariccia cheap hotels and partake of the Porchetta, a famous roast pork recipe from the region.You should also make note of the Porta Romana, as well as the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Galloro and the Assunta Domed Circular Church. can help you plan your trip to Ariccia and find accommodations, from which you can make side trips to the frazioni of Vallericcia and Cecchina.