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The town of Canale Monterano is in the province of Rome in Latium, Italy. It is about 40 kilometers northwest of the city of Rome. If you are staying in a budget hotel in Canale Monterano, take a trip a few kilometers out of town to see the romantic ruins of the ancient community of Monterano. This town was abandoned because of a malaria epidemic in the 18th century. Then in 1799 it was burned down by French troops. Here you can see the ancient walls, and a fountain beneath an aqueduct. In the remains of the Palazzo Ducale there is an impressive fountain that was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. There are remains of several churches, including a cathedral. You can also see the façade of the monastery church of St. Bonaventure, which was also designed by Bernini. This is one of the most beautiful sites in Italy. There are some lovely walks among the ruins and in the forest.Another enchanting site is the Gardini Botanici di Stigliano. This beautiful garden is on the grounds of the Grand Hotel Terme di Stigliano. It is part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani. The sulphur springs here have been in use since Etruscan times. You can still see the ruins of Roman thermal baths. The hotel parkland covers 20 hectares and contains many species of flora and fauna. For information on cheap hotels in Canale Monterano check the listings at