Hotels in Capena

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Capena Details

Capena is quite close to the city of Rome, 16 km to be exact. As such, it makes a perfect spot to stay in order to escape the crowds that are always in Rome. Capena is a small town, and there is both an upper and a lower Capena as well as an old and a new Capena! The older part of Capena is around 1000 years old, with a gorgeous view. The buildings in old Capena are made from a rather soft volcanic rock called Tufa. The houses in this part of Capena were built sometime in the years 1000 and up, and some of them are actually still inhabitable. There is a quaint little town square as well as a pub. You honestly feel as if you have stepped back in time when you visit Capena!Old Capena sits on an ancient acqueduct. Many of the shops, wine bars, and tavernas have underground cellars that stay cool enough to store wine in, even in the hot summer. Speaking of wine, Capena has vineyards galore, and you'll taste some of the best wine ever, made from local grapes. You'll enjoy a day trip to Rome while you are here,and you'll be thrilled to come back to Capena in the evenings for a glass of wine and some quietness. The food in Capena is excellent. You'll find delicious pizza, incredible pasta and other delectable local food. Don't miss your chance to have a hotel room reserved and ready for you. Call on to find you the perfect accommodations at a discount.