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Castel San Pietro Romano is a tiny little village not too far from the city of Rome. Here, you can have the best of both worlds! You are close enough to go into Rome and spend the day and early evening, then come back to your comfortable room in Castel San Pietro Romano to relax and sleep! Before you take you day trip to Rome, however, you may want to take advantage of the relative peace of Castel San Pietro – especially as compared to Rome – and check out all of the attractions that are right here, waiting for you! There is a natural monument in the midst of the Monti Prenestini mountains called the Valley Cannuccete. Springs of clear fresh water than have run since Roman times, with thick and gorgeous ferns growing at water's edge. Many varieties of trees and birds make this a beautiful spot unchanged by man.The Palazzo Mocci was built in 1732 by the same architect that built St. Peter The Apostle church. It is a lovely example of Roman civil architecture. The Fortress of Column is what is left of the fortress built by the Romans in the year 980. It is on top of Mount Ginestra. Recent renovations have brought it back to like-new condition. The Museum of Arts Peasant is an exhibition of life in the country for the last 100 years. Many churches in Castel San Pietro Romano are well worth the time it takes to tour them, such as St. Peter, St. Anthony, Chapel of the Virgin Doloroso, and many more. Choose your pleasure at any one of the fine restaurants in the city as well as on its outskirts. To enjoy this peaceful existence, just use for your hotel room needs.