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Formello is a small town that is situated on the outskirts of Rome. You would be surprised at how many people want to visit Rome on holiday, and wisely choose their accommodations in a neighboring town so as to take advantage of the fact that there are no crowds and less noise, for starters! Many tourists choose Formello for just those reasons. That said, there are several attractions in Formello that you would very much enjoy visiting while you are in Italy. Formello has three good-sized shopping complexes where you can get in an afternoon – or a day – of shopping with ease. You'll also find two sports facilities where you can go to work off some energy. There is a beautiful park in Formello where you may choose to have a picnic lunch, or just sit and relax with Mother Nature.There is a large national park close by Formello that has ruins from the Etruscan period that are fascinating to see. When you are ready to see the sights in the big city, you can generally find a train that runs to Rome every 30 minutes during the daylight hours. Shop on Via Del Corso, the shopping center in the middle of Rome that simply reeks with history. Take in all the sights that are so famous with visitors to Rome, and perhaps find a few that are not so famous! Your appetite will guide you to the proper restaurant – or perhaps your nose will! You can find local cuisine as well as Westernized food that is meant for tourists. Before you leave home to get all caught up in the wonderful, colorful madness that is Italy, take the time to check out We can help you with your hotels, and can also help you to book them at a discount.