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The town of Guidonia Montecelio was established in the year 998 as Montcelio. The rest of the name, Guidonia, was added in 1937 to honor an Air Force general who had died upon landing at the military airport built in Montcelio in 1915. Guidonia Montecelio is very near to the Grande Raccordo Anulare, which is a round motorway that forms a complete circle around Rome. There are many attractions that you will find quite interesting located in and around Guidonia Montecelio. The Villa d' Este is one such attraction. It is a near perfect example of a Renaissance garden and home. Both the architecture and the design of the gardens and the house are truly captivating. The beautiful waterfalls and fountains add beauty to the already stunning flowers and trees.You'll find a set of historic ruins that are as magnificently complete as the ones in Pompeii in the Guidonia Montecelio area. There is a monstrous water park within Guidonia Montecelio called the Aquapiper. It is the largest park of this type in all of Central Italy, with 97,000 square feet of pools. Marco Simone's Golf Club is one of the most beautiful places to play golf in all of Italy. Dining out is a joy in this area! You can sample great pizza, pasta, gelato – even steak. A Western menu is available in some restaurants for those visitors who are not brave where culinary matters are concerned. Take care to do some planning before leaving home for your Italian holiday. can be of great help to you. Book your accommodations before you get to Italy, and you can save time and money, too.