Hotels in Lido di Ostia

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Lido di Ostia Details

Visitors enjoying discount hotels in Lido di Ostia are in the vacation spot known as the Roman Riviera. The city of Ostia on Italys Tyrrhenian Sea Coast at the mouth of the Tiber River has been Romes seaport since ancient times. Now, because of the beach at Lido di Ostia, it is a favorite getaway place for Romans and people from other parts of Italy and Europe. The beach has a carnival atmosphere, with plenty of cinemas, dance halls, pizzerias, and skimpy bikinis. The best part of the beach is Castelfusano, which is set against a beautiful backdrop of pine woods.In your budget hotel in Lido di Ostia you are only a half-hour railway ride from the city of Rome and all its fantastic sites. However, there are things to be seen in Ostia, too; especially the Ostia Antica. This is the part of the ancient city that has been excavated. Tourists who cannot make it to Pompeii come here. You can stroll down the Piazzale delle Corporazione, which was once a thriving business center. You can still see Greek drama performed at the ancient theater in the summer. You can go to the Thermopolium, which was a bar that served hot drinks, and see the remains of the Capitolium, the Forum, and Casa Diana, an ancient apartment building. There are beautiful picnic grounds amidst the ruins.