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    The city of Pomezia can be found in the province of Rome in the region of Lazio. There are currently about 44,000 inhabitants. While you are visiting the city, there are a number of places to be discovered. The Archaeological Museum Lavinium of Pomezia is one of the places of interest in the city. Here youll discover the vestiges, history, archaeology, culture, and tradition of Pomezia. Another popular hangout is the Stadio Comunale and Piazza Indipendenza. These two city squares are where most concerts, events, and festivities are being held.Learn more what a weekend Pomezia can provide you. Start searching for hotels in Pomezia today. With the use of, youll be able to find Pomezia hotels and start booking right at the safety and convenience of your home. Whether you seek for cheap Pomezia hotels or five star hotels or discount hotels Pomezia has to offer, you can book them all online!