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Ponzano Romano was once a strategic village as the commune is located on top of the Hill of Tevere. Youll be practically going uphill if you want to visit this village, creating an advantage for the Romans if they are under attack. When you visit for the weekend, Ponzano Romano is now a quiet town with people accepting guests as part of their family. Their main festival is celebrated every December 6 in honor of their patron saint, Saint Nicholas di Bari. The villages religiosity is evident during this festival. Another evidence of the villages religious affiliation is the Abbey of Sant'Andrea in Flumine, located just two kilometers from the center of the village.When you visit Ponzano Romano, it is best that you select family-owned discount hotels. Ponzano Romano is best experienced first hand when you stay with the family and feel like youll a member there. There are also Ponzano Romano hotels on the road side if you want to have a short stop before or after visiting Rome. The hotels in Ponzano Romano especially the small ones offer native cuisines that will give you a feast at your budget. These Ponzano Romano cheap hotels can be found online and the best rates are at