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Rocca di Papa Details

Rocca di Papa is a small town that sits directly in the center of the "Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani", which is a regional park. A city since the 12th century, the name Rocca di Papa means Rock Castle of the Pope, as it was named for Pope Eugene III, who lived here. A self contained cable railway was built in 1906. It was replaced in 1932, and ran until 1962. The railway saw much use, as it moved large and heavy cases back and forth. You'll find many attractions of interest in Rocca di Papa. The Convent of Palazzola is here, along with Via Sacra of Monte Cavo and Santuario Madonna del Tufo. Also well worth a tour is the Quartiere dei Bavaresi, the Santuario Madonna del Tufo, and the Duomo dell Assunta.There is an astronomic observatory called the Franco Fuligni in Rocca di Papa. Anyone who would like to use it to study the stars is more than welcome to do so. There is a Chestnut Festival each October, and a Roast Chestnut Festival each November. This is a good time to enjoy the wonderful wines that are made locally, while you enjoy the delicious treat of chestnuts. Shopping mavens will be pleased at the selection both in Rocca di Papa and its surrounding cities. You'll be more than ready for a meal after all of the sightseeing you'll be doing, and you should be able to locate exactly the cuisine to please you in the various Rocca di Papa restaurants. is waiting to help you plan your Italian trip. They can find wonderful accommodations for you at a discount price.