Hotels in Rome Ostia

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Rome Ostia Details

Rome Ostia used to be the official port of Rome. The port was used for commercial purposes but it was abandoned when malaria broke out in this part of Rome. The buildings were left to rot but sands eventually covered the whole place and when it was dug up, a remarkable preserved port was uncovered. When you visit this place for the weekend, Rome Ostia will surprise you on how important this place was to Rome. You start with the Roman Theater which is preserved until today. Roman Baths, the Baths Frigidarium and Baths Tepidarium may be in ruins but you can still make out the structure. Lastly is the Capitolium Temple probably built 400 BC or earlier because of the pottery that were collected from this place.The hotels in Rome Ostia are near to these spots but not too near to ruin the ancient city. Rome Ostia hotels usually come in cheap as you will probably stay here only for a day or two. If you are interested in discount hotels, Rome Ostia has a variety for you. These Rome Ostia cheap hotels can be found online and they are available at great rates on