Hotels in Esquilino Palace

    Esquilino Palace Details

    Esquilino is a district in Rome. The area is named after the Esquiline Hill on which it stands, and it is known for its Chinese immigrant population. Esquilino district is a different perspective of life in Rome, and to see an area that is not normally frequently visited by tourists can make your holiday in Italy more special.

    There are many cathedrals and churches in the district to look at, as well as a museum of musical instruments, and great artwork and mosaics at San Prassede nearby. There is also the basilica Santa Maria Maggiore on the top of the hill. There is a market place, and plenty of places to eat and drink. Some of the shops sell Chinese food but there is a selection of traditional Italian food as well. So why not experience a different part of Italian life and enjoy Esquilino.