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    Flaminio Stadium Details

    The Stadio Flaminio is a magnificent stadium in Rome, Italy that lies along the Via Flaminia. It is located three kilometers northwest of the city center and only 300 meters away from the Parco di Villa Glori. The Stadio Flaminio was first built in 1927 as the stadium of the Partito Nazionale Fascista. It was set on the site of an older construction that was done in 1911 for the fiftieth anniversary of Unification of Italy. The current stadium was built in July 1957 on the same site.

    The Flaminio was designed by Pierluigi and Antonio Nervi. It is most often used for soccer matches and is the home for the Italy national rugby union team. The interior has a covered swim pool, rooms for fencing, amateur wrestling, weightlifting, boxing and gymnastics. The Flaminio also has a capacity of 24,973 spectators and is the smallest of the Six Nations stadiums. It is no longer thought to be large enough for the Italian national team and so it is rumored that the team will be moving to Genoa, Italy. The Flaminio, however, will continue to be used for the home matches of the A.S. Cisco Roma soccer team that will be playing in the Serie C/2 division.

    Address: Piazza Maresciallo Pilsudski, 00196 Roma, Italy

    Phone: +39 06 36851

    Opened: March 12, 1959

    Architect: Pier Luigi Nervi