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    Anguillara Sabazia tourism is also focused on the sights and attractions of nearby towns and cities; indeed, Anguillara Sabazia is found in the province of Rome and interesting tourist destinations are not lacking. Head to Rome, for example, to check out the Luigi Pigorini National Ethnographic and Prehistoric Museum, or the Museo Nazionale Etnografico Preistorico Luigi Pigorini. This museum, founded in 1876, is located in the modern Palazzo delle Scienze, or Science Building, and is divided into two sections, obvious in its name: the Prehistoric section and the Ethnographic section.

    In the first section, the prehistory and protohistory of the Lazio region are documented, from the Paleolithic to the Iron Age, through the exposition of human fossils, animal fossils, materials, objects, funerary items, etc. Youll also find prehistoric items from the Eastern Mediterranean, especially from the island of Crete. The ethnographic section, enriched also by numerous private collections, offers the visitor works of art and other types of cultural objects from around the world; one of the richest areas of the ethnographic section is that dedicated to the Andes and the archaeological remains of pre-Colombian societies. The museum also boasts a specialized library with over 20,000 volumes.

    Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 14, 00144 Roma, Italy

    Phone: +39 06 549521