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    Like the Capitoline Museums, the Museo Nazionale Romano (National Museum of Rome) is antiquated and made up of multiple complexes--Baths of Diocletian, the Palazzo Massimo, and the Palazzo Altemps. This institution includes various types of artwork and houses one of the world's most important archaeological collections. The predominant features of the Museo Nazionale Romano include a great number of funerary artifacts (sarcophagi); an epigraphy inclusive of over 10,000 inscriptions; sumptuous bath decorations from ancient Rome; various statues of Aphrodite, The Lance-Bearer, and two copies of the famous Discus Thrower; a sculpture depicting Augustus dressed as Pontifax Maximus; a pictorial frieze of the noble sepulcher from Esquiline Hill; a rare medallion of Theodoric; a showcase of the Crypta Balbi; the colossal Ludovisi sarcophagus depicting a great battle between Romans and Barbarians; and the impression Ludovisi collection, including the majestic Ludovisi throne.

    The arrangement of the entire museum serves to draw one's curiosity from one complex to the next in a way that one can easily see the association between the various themes presented. Due to ongoing restoration, hours and accessibility are set on a partial and irregular basis. Artviva conducts public, private, and personalized tours, so the type of tour arranged may affect the time of admission and degree of accessibility. In any case, this would be a real educational experience for anyone fortunate enough to go.

    Address: Largo di Villa Peretti 67, Rome, Italy

    Phone: +39 06 3996 7700