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    If you find yourself with enough time to spare, or if youd like to escape the bustle of the city centre for a short time, Parioli is a great place to visit. This districts name originated from the denomination Monti Parioli which some believe to stem from "peraioli" as it was once the site of pear orchards. The area stretches approximately from via Salaria and the end of viale Regina Margherita, to the slope descending towards the Tiber and the Museum of Modern Art. Two centuries ago, Viale Regina Margherita was a tree-lined avenue that went from the neighborhood of San Lorenzo to the fields of Monti Parioli. Today, the principal arteries of the area Viale Parioli, Via Archimede, Viale Bruno Buozzi, Via dei Monti Parioli and Piazza Euclide, a wide square considered the center of the area.

    Parioli began as an upper-middle class neighbourhood and then changed during the Fascist period in Rome. It then became the residence of many high-ranking party and state functionaries. Urbanization was completed in the 1950's and today, Parioli is thought to be one of the hippest neighborhoods in the capital. If you are hoping to see a trendy area where the locals spend their time in Rome, don't miss out on Parioli. This is a cultural mecca for the Romans.