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    The Pineta Sacchetti, or Sacchetti Pine forest, is an integral part of the Pine Forest Urban Regional Park. This is an important natural park located in Rome, which is divided among the Aurelio, Primavalle and Balduina districts. The park spans roughly 240 hectares and is divided into two areas, one higher than the other. The first area, the higher one, is relatively level and contains hundreds of Domestic Pine trees, many of which are as tall as 30 meters. The lower level is a long, wide valley, often called La Valle dellInferno, or The Valley of Hell, which extends towards the center of Rome. At the moment, around 650 species of plants and over 70 species of birds have been documented within the entire park.

    This is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more chaotic Rome and take a relaxing walk immersed in nature. There aren't many monuments to visit in the immediate vicinity of the park such as the Church of San Giovanni in Laterano, Gianicolo hill and the Botanic Garden.