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    Testaccio Details

    Testaccio is a district in Rome that is located along the left bank of the Tiber River. It is one of the most characteristic areas of Rome, due to the fact that it has been able to maintain, over the years, its original folkloristic nature. Visitors and locals alike often define Testaccio as somewhat of an independent nation within the city of Rome. Among locals, the district is famous for housing the mythical Testaccio Field, where the precious Roman soccer team, Roma, practiced in the 1930's. The district has a number of other important monuments that are quite popular with tourists as well.

    There is the Testaccio Fountain, for example, constructed in the second half of the 19th century, as well as the Church of Santa Maria Liberatrice, constructed around the same time. The Porticus Aemilia, built in 190 BC, is also worth a visit, as is the 19th century slaughterhouse, which is used today for various cultural events. Finally, the district is home to a number of colorful folk festivals. After you check out Testaccio, head over to the Baths of Diocletian, the Trevi Fountain and the Campo dei Fiori.