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    Tor Sapienza Details

    Tor Sapienza is an area of Rome, located towards the southeastern outskirts of the city proper, in the 22nd district, called Collatino. The center of the area is Piazza Cesare de Cupiis, and the main street is called Via Tor Sapienza. This is the part of Tor Sapienza that sees the most commercial and cultural activity. For those who love shopping, take a stroll along Via Tor Sapienza, where most of the characteristic local shops are found. Along Via Tor Cervara, instead, youll find a 17th century castle, called Cervelletta. Its name derives from the presence, in the past, of a deer reserve situated in this location; cervo means deer in Italian. The castle is flanked by an impressive watch tower.

    Not far from the castle, there is a small, beautiful church, called Chiesa della Cervelletta. It is located over the remains of a very ancient votive chapel that dated to paleo-Christian times. There are also other, more ancient sights in the area, though they are not very well preserved. Head back into the city to check out the Arch of Constantine, the Marcello Theater and Tiberina Island.