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    Via dei Condotti Details

    Via dei Condotti is considered one of the most famous streets in Rome and is at the heart of the area where many English visitors took up residence in the 18th and 19th centuries. Indeed, both Tennyson and Thackeray had homes along Via dei Condotti. It is one of the streets that lead into Piazza Spagna, where the famous Spanish Steps are located. The name condotti means conduits, and two theories surround the origin of the streets name: some say it was named for the various conduits that transported water to the Terme di Agrippa, or Agrippa Baths, which were constructed in 19 BC, while others say the conduits were constructed by Pope Gregory XIII in the 16th century as a water supply system.

    It is yet another shopping hub in the city and is lined with a number of interesting shops and boutiques, where youll find products from some of Italys most famous fashion designers. A number of elegant palazzi, or buildings, also line the street. It is here where youll find Caffé Greco, where some of Europes most elite intellectuals would meet. If you like this street, you should head over to Via del Corso as well, and stop by the Galleria Colonna.