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    Via Veneto Details

    One of the most famous, elegant and expensive streets of Rome, Via Veneto of Fellini was once the street where celebrities lived. Movie stars and their entourage may still stay at the Excelsior Hotel near the top, but now they spend their time on other roads of Rome. However, the road still holds quite a bit of charm. Start at the Piazza Barberini at the bottom of the road. Here you'll find two fountains by Barberini. The Fountain of the Bees, at the corner of Via Veneto, is a symbol of the Barberini family. In the piazza itself, you'll see Bernini's Triton Fountain. Now begin to explore Via Veneto itself. Stretching upwards from the Piazza Barberini to the Villa Borghese area at the top, you'll pass by lovely palazzos, shops and cafes that still line the road.

    Starting at the bottom of Via Veneto, the world famous Caffe de Paris is still present, though the clientele is more likely to be tourists. Heading upwards, you'll find Rome's Hardrock Café about half way up on the left, where you can add to your t-shirt collection or have some very non-Italian food. Continue to climb the gently curving road and you'll come to a number of international embassies at the top. If you're tired from the climb, turn left and look for the entrance to Villa Borghese where you can rest in beautiful surroundings.

    Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 107, 00187 Roma, Italy