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The town of Velletri is a testament to survival. A long ago battle left it in such terrible condition and it was rebuilt so hastily, that not all of its landmarks were salvaged. However some were and with vacationers can effortlessly get Velletri cheap hotels in order to explore the town for a week or weekend. Velletri has the Torre del Trivio, a bell tower that juts above the city. The salmon colored Chiesa del Salvatore is a church with an accompanying inscription describing the damage the church suffered.Velletri hotels also will place travellers near the one gate called Porta Napoletana, its rotund proportions having survived while its northern gate did not. It was a built in conjunction with the river Via Appia. Some hotels in Velletri are discount hotelsVelletri is worth a visit and can make it happen trouble-free. The city is a rejuvenating jolt to the spirit once one considered its tumultuous history and its present beauty.