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    The province of Rovigo is located in the northern Italian region of Veneto; it is bathed on the east by the Adriatic Sea. The earliest documentation of the existence of the capital city of the province, also called Rovigo, dates to the year 838, while the area started developing into a more well-defined city in the 10th century. Rovigo sights to see include the Cathedral, most likely constructed between the 8th and 9th centuries and restructured in the 17th century, the church of San Francesco, constructed between the years 1300 and 1430, and the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso (also called La Rotonda), built between 1594 and 1606; this last church has an octagonal shape. Head out of the main city to check out the other towns of the province, such as Lendinara. Here, youll see various buildings and churches dating to different historical time periods; Lendinara has been called the Athens of the Polesine region (a geographical area that encompasses the province of Rovigo). When exploring the region of Veneto for a weekend, Rovigo may be a good place to visit.