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Casal Velino is a town in the province of Salerno, in the Southern Italian region of Campania. It is part of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, an important rocky natural reserve that is also characterized by local populations with characteristic traditions and cultures. The town itself is located in a bay, surrounded by a beautiful mountainous landscape, and so it has become popular with a discrete number of faithful tourists who wish to avoid the crowded Italian beaches. You can enjoy sailing, surfing and other water sports here, as well as walk or bike along the beach, to then immerse yourself in the natural reserve. Since the town is so old, having been founded about 2500 years ago, there are a few historical sights to see, such as the Church of San Matteo, some remains of tombs that date back to medieval times and the Saracen tower that guards over the bay. If youd like to get away from the crowded tourist locations for a weekend, Casal Velino may be the place for you. Visit to find the discount hotels Casal Velino has to offer; if not in Casal Velino, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. There are a number of different types of hotels in Casal Velino and in nearby towns, so do some Internet research on Casal Velino hotels to find the one thats right for you.