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Palinuro - Centula is famous for its caves. Among its wonders is the Grotto Azzura (Blue Cave) where you can witness the spectacular sight of stunning blue shades created by the sunlight that penetrates a 20 m deep siphon. Grotta Calafetente (Sulphurous Cave) is famous for its amphitheatre shape and you can find a colorful variety of corals at its tunnel entrance. Grotta dei Monaci (Cave of Friars) is another cave worth visiting. Here, you will find stalagmites that form the shapes of monks in prayer. There is also the Grotta delle Ossa (Prehistoric Cave) where visitors can see the bones of prehistoric animals. If you have enough of caves, you should visit the magnificent 13th century Palazzo Rinaldi where King Naples once stayed.To give you a most delightful weekend, Palinuro – Centola has maintained its clean waters, long beaches, naturally crafted creeks and beautiful caves. Palinuro – Centola hotels offer luxurious accommodation with their delectable seafood cuisine, fresh from the heart of the seas. With rooms overlooking the sea, hotels in Palinuro – Centola bring nature closer to you. You will get all of these for less at the discount hotels Palinuro – Centola. Be a wise traveler and book your Palinuro – Centola cheap hotels through