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          One of the most popular holiday destinations on the Amalfi Coast is the town of Ravello. There are two villas worth visiting over the weekend. Ravello offers you two of its top choice gardens such as the Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. The first mentioned villa was once a patricians mansion during the 12th century. The villa was restored during the early nineties by an Englishman Lord. The second villa served as a watch-tower many years ago. From the villa, you can have a good look at the Cathedral. Duomo is the famous cathedral in Ravello. The church is dedicated to San Penteleone. His blood is considered an important artifact. To book for your trip, go online and check out where you can find different Ravello hotels. If you intend to bring your family with you, there are Ravello cheap hotels to choose from. If you prefer discount hotels, Ravello has a good selection of packages for all seasons. Hotels in Ravello can be flexible depending on your preferences and budget.