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The city of Ploaghe lies in the region of Sardinia in the Sassari province. It is a small city with a mere 5,000 in population. There are a number of churches to discover in Ploaghe. One is La Chiesa San Pietro Apostolo which was built in the year 1090. It features gothic and medieval architecture and can be seen in the main public square in Ploaghe. If you love to admire the arts, the Spano is an original work of the city. There are over 197 works of art to discover here. The Palazzo Rettorale is a beautiful palace in the Piazza San Pietro where Saint Peter and the Oratorio di Santa Croce can be found. The Camposanto Vecchio is the oldest in Sardinia. It features an altar and can be found in the open square with six arches surrounding it. Today, you’ll find the painting of Madonna that replaced the crucifix that was once featured there.Discover a weekend Ploaghe can provide you. Browse and search for Ploaghe hotels today. Hotels in Ploaghe range from cheap Ploaghe hotels to discount hotels Ploaghe has in store for every tourist. Of course there are also the luxury hotels the city has to offer as well.