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Italy evokes feelings of romance in many of the people that visit the country. Rolling lands that are filled with vineyards and olive trees are normal sights in the countryside. There are many different regions of Italy and one of the most beautiful regions is Liguria. One of the four provinces of Liguria is Savona and it is known for its historical significance and magnificent coastline. The Orco Feglino area of Savona consists of two different villages. Travelers to this area can see San Lorenzino, which is a church that was established somewhere between the 12th and 14th centuries. The remains of the Orco castle are also a sight to be seen when traveling to Orco Feglino municipality of Savona. There are plenty of discount hotels in Orco Feglino.The province of Savona is known for its wines that are a product of the vineyards that dot the landscape. Obtaining cheap hotels through and traveling through the different vineyards is the perfect way to see this region of Italy. Food lovers should be aware that this region in Italy is also known for its truffles. Traveling to Savona in the fall is the best time of year to sample these delicacies. There are many types of historical attractions to see in Savona, including the house that Christopher Columbus grew up in and numerous churches. It is a truly charming province with a lot of personality and most travelers are delighted with what they discover.