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      Savona is located on the Gulf of Genoa, and today is a major industrial port. Many cruise ships come and go from here, and tourists are a common site in the city. As a result, there are a number of cheap hotel options, so be sure to check with for a great deal in town. While you’re at the port, be sure to note La Torretta, or the ‘little tower.’ This 14th century tower is the symbol of Savona.The historic center of Savona is still very much intact in places. The fortress of Priamar was built in the 16th century by Genoese as a reminder to the Savonese that they had been defeated. Today it contains four museums and an art gallery. Piazza Marnelli contains the Rintocchi e Memorie monument, a touching tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in WWI. If you’re in the area at 6pm, you’ll hear the bells chime 21 times. Be sure to follow the town tradition of pausing during this time for a moment of silence.